Be more Jack! How the University of Chester used animation in results week to attract new students

With A Level results day right around the corner, what better way to attract new students to your university or college than with animation? 

We know how it feels coming back after the summer holidays. Whether you took a week break to the sun, or were away with the kids, coming back to work in August can sometimes leave you feeling low on creativity. So, to avoid the summer slump, we’re sharing our tips on how you can promote your university through animation.

Whilst many your students will be present on social media, how do you get them to engage with your own educational pages? It’s all about the quality of your content and how you choose to present it.


Short and concise

Animations are the easiest way to get your message across in a few words. After all, visuals speak a thousand words. The University of Chester were able to communicate with prospective students and parents in a matter of 45 seconds, allowing the university to get their message across in a short time frame, with memorable visuals. 

Simple, humorous and shareable

Creating a story that will connect with your audience on a personal level will help your university remain at the forefront of your prime audience’s mind. 


Easy to roll out as a social media ad

Target the people who matter most. Sometimes the message you want to share won't apply to everyone, but that doesn't mean your engagement has to suffer. Paid social media is a great tool for increasing student engagement and awareness. Once you have your animation, consider boosting your animation using the social media platforms’ paid offerings to reach your target A level pupils who are about to go into university?  

Call to action

Adding a call-to-action at the end of your animation is important in capturing your audience. Have your team ready to respond to all the new enquiries!


Don’t forget, our summer promotions expire on the 31st August, so make sure you give us a call today to take advantage of these limited time only offers! Enquire today on 0330 053 5623, or send us an email at

How can Animation help your organisation?

Over the last few months, we have repeatedly mentioned in our blogs the need for video marketing, and in particular the benefits of animation. But today, we’re diving into the different types of animation and how each of them can help your organisation. 

1. Animation Ads - An example of animation being used before a project even begins!

An animated ad has the power of generating awareness and engagement. Take our example from Askham Bryan’s Wildlife Park - we were able to produce the promotional video before the park was officially opened, to create interest in the project ahead. Engaging with an audience early on means you can create a relationship with them as the project rolls out. 

2. Animated Characters - Bespoke characters that suit your branding

Get creative! With animation, character design is entirely based on your branding and the image you want to portray. Character design also allows you to build storyboards that wouldn't necessarily be suited to film and on camera. Your character can be a fundamental part of your marketing story, which in turn could go viral. 

3. Animated Infographics

Share your information to your organisation or to external communities in a fun or serious way. Using animated infographics brings your information and statistics to life, in a highly engaging way, allowing you to communicate your message. 

4. Animated Information Videos - Transmitting a key message

Do you have a training or information message that you want to communicate to your audience? A recent project for TOLFA needed to target kids in schools in India, so we produced an animation that would appeal to this audience to educate them on animal welfare. 

Do you have an upcoming project that would benefit from one of these types of animation strategies? If so, get in touch to take advantage of our summer offers today!

Why First Impressions Online are More Important than Ever

With 84% of conversions happening on the first visit to your brand, it’s now more important than ever that you make a lasting first impression. We discuss the secrets to capturing a potential customer’s attention right from the beginning. 

Memorable Branding

Ensuring your branding and marketing is memorable, easy to understand and highly visual are all the elements you need to give your audience a flavour of what your business is about. Animation is a great way of creating original and memorable branding for your business, making your audience’s first impression one to remember! 

Homepage Explainer Animations

With animation becoming increasingly more affordable, incorporating an explainer animation to your homepage is a great & engaging way of generating new business. A short 1-2 minute video gives you just enough time to explain who you are, what you do and why it’s great. With aprofessionally scripted animation, you can make your video clear and concise, whilst keeping in mind the average attention span, particularly for a first-time visitor. Target those 79% of consumers that have reported they'd rather watch a video to learn about a product than read text on a page! You only get one chance!

Offer them an incentive for signing up to your newsletter

So you have a fantastic animation and they were impressed with what they saw whilst browsing your website for the first time. But they don't have the budget or want to explore other competitors first. How do you convert your newest and interested viewer into a lead? You can offer them an incentive. Alongside your explainer animation, you can include a pop up box that offers your newest viewer 10% off their first order when providing their personal information. Not only do you obtain the details of your newest lead so that you can email them at a later date, but in turn your business is at the forefront of their mind with an attractive 10% discount. It’s a win win situation! 

Have you used an explainer animation on your landing page? How have you found the conversions so far? Tweet us! We would love to hear from you.

How to generate new leads with explainer animations

We are often approached to produce animated explainer videos for small to medium sized businesses. A lot of people like explainer animations because they’re easy to understand, incredibly visual and memorable, and most importantly - highly engaging! 

Businesses can add real value to their product or service by a simple explainer animation as part of their marketing strategy. But the key is to make something original to capture your prospective audience right from the offset. 

Target a Wider Audience

We produce bespoke animations that can really reach a wide audience, by giving your video a broader appeal so that it attracts more leads, and in turn gains higher ROI. With eye-catching visuals, our aim is to make a positive reaction on a potential new customer or client of yours. The more appealing you can make your animation and the message that it conveys, the more chance you have of converting your viewers into new leads and potential customers/clients in the near future. 

Branding is Key

Creating iconic branding amongst your characters through your explainer animation is an incredibly powerful tool for your business’ branding becoming identifiable. When using animation in your explainer videos, why not put your brand right at the forefront of your video. This offers viewers not only a great insight into your product or services, but also will put your brand at the forefront of their minds!

Create a YouTube Channel and Share Your Content!

Building a YouTube channel is a fantastic way to share free animations with your     viewers. Creating a channel full of free informative content for potential customers will definitely set you on the right track to raising awareness and in turn open the door to lead generation in the future! Make sure to entice your viewers to subscribe to your channel and they will be notified by email when a new video is live. 

Increase Your Social Media Following

Whilst written content for marketing is effective, uploading video content is even more so. Sharing explainer animations on social media will increase your following as viewers become interested in hearing more from your brand. Offering free content is the way forward - building trust amongst viewers, and is a great way of generating some solid leads.

3 reasons why animation has become incredibly useful in the educational sector

We have seen it all - from online training courses to promotional videos. 16 years experience in the industry and we can positively say: animations are here, and they’re here to stay.

We’ve rounded up our top 3 reasons why animation marketing is the best strategy to raise awareness, create an online community and stay connected with your students in 2017.

Stay connected with existing students & raise awareness to potential students.

Your students will be proud to be a part of your college or university. Make sure you connect with them regularly through social media, in a way that interests them and encourages them to promote their college and connect with their faculty. Animations are a great way to do this. One of our most recent projects was for York St John’s University where we created a variety of short social media animations promoting the local area and ‘things to do’ in York. It was a highly successful campaign allowing the university to connect both with their existing students and raise awareness to potential students.

Animation allows you to get personable without compromising professionalism.

No matter how old you are, let’s face it: we’ll always have a soft spot for animation. It’s fun, humorous, and an incredibly friendly way of teaching an educational module or promoting a college or faculty. With animation, it’s limitless and you can be as creative as you like.

Animation allows you to create a community and share achievement

Plan, execute and repeat. Once your social media strategy is in place, all you need to do is repeat. Animation is a fantastic way of sharing achievement and creating a community. More and more, the educational sector is investing in branded animation because it has a massive appeal to your target audience. Animation creates interest and engagement and is a fun way to appeal to customers of all ages.

Get in touch if you are involved in education and want to brainstorm some ideas with us. It could be just the new and on-trend method of engagement you were looking for!

How to make your Animation different from the competition

How many times have you heard or read “Video marketing needs to be a part of your strategy in 2017”? We’ve all heard it before, and the statistics that prove it are second to none.

So how do you create a video ad that makes you stand out in this crowded industry?

Your storyline needs a twist

We all know how it feels when you’re sat watching a film where you can already predict the ending. There is no denying a lack of creativity and a typical unimaginative storyline ending can make us switch off before watching the end. 

Give your animation the twist it deserves. With the right focus, you can grab your audience’s attention with an unexpected & surprise storyline that will make your ad stand out and stay in your mind.

It’s all about the production

You don’t need to come up with the script before you pick up the phone to us - that’s what we’re here for. We’ve worked with our BAFTA award-winning script writer for years, who is involved from concept to finish - ready for your animation build. Tell us what your business is about and we’ll do the rest. We ensure your script is original and has that twist it needs to grab your audience’s attention. Anyone can make a video nowadays, but if it’s a well produced video - it’s going to stand on its own in today’s competitive market. 

An emotional storyline

Some of the world’s most powerful video ads have become so successful because they simply make you stop and think. You reflect. 

The last thing you want is to find your animation at the bottom of your social media’s algorithm. Our top tip is to add emotion into your storyline, something you want to promote about your business/charity. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of a shock factor to make your animation well remembered and raise your company’s brand awareness.

After all, the greatest marketing achievement is being the first company that comes to someone’s mind when they require your product or service. 

How to engage your audience with Video Content on Facebook

In 2017, Facebook is no longer an option when it comes to our marketing strategies. According to Hubspot, a whopping 2 billion people use Facebook. Now more than ever, people log on to this social media network for news and content consumption. So it is vital as a business to take advantage of this platform for advertising, video marketing and content sharing. 

Create short & shareable videos

Who said business couldn't be pleasurable? How many times have you logged onto your Facebook feed in the evenings? Social media is far more consumed out of office hours and so by sharing short, humorous and shareable content from a business page, you are far more likely to reach your target audience after a long day at work!

Have fun

Social media is the one side of business where you can just have fun with it and let go. In June 2016, Facebook adjusted its algorithm to display content from users' family and friends first in the social network’s News Feed, ahead of content from business pages. This has created a demand for marketeers to post far more creative and engaging content. In particular, we’ve seen a shift in video marketing which is far more likely to appear in your News Feed first.

Behind the scenes

The greatest way to share with your followers what your business is really about is through video content. Behind the scenes content builds brand awareness, loyalty and most importantly - allows you to share your brand culture with your audience. Sharing an insight into your business can help build a genuine brand message, which is second to none in the world of digital marketing. 

Have you tried some of these strategies for your business? We’d love to hear your thoughts on how video marketing has helped your business.

How Important is it to have a Branded YouTube Channel in 2017?

As you will already know, we love video. But we also know that YOU and everyone else loves video, too. The statistics are proof of that, and you only need to browse your FaceBook profile to realise this!

Building new animated characters for our clients is what we do time and time again, and we love the buzz we get from helping often a faceless brand ‘receive' a facelift with a Little Fish Animation. 

YouTube is fast becoming one of the largest social media platforms in the world, with around one billion users worldwide. A whopping 70% of Generation Z visit the platform on a daily basis, according to Hubspot’s latest statistics. A figure that everyone should be tapping into through creating videos, tutorials and branded YouTube channels.

More and more we help the education, corporate business, product advertising market, and many other sectors enter the world of video marketing. The list is endless. Because the future is about explainer animations, which in turn increases conversion rates, awareness, and brand loyalty. 

So why create a branded YouTube channel for your business?

1. Build Credibility 

Share with your viewers an insight into your business on a regular basis. Show them what you are about, and share memories with your viewers. It’s not about the hard sell. Nowadays, it’s about sharing experiences with people. Engage with your audience through explainer videos and one day, when they require your product or service - you will be the first company they think about.

2. Improves SEO

Did you know that the more content you produce on Google under your branded name, the better? By producing regular video content and including your web link - you can improve your Google rankings. It’s no surprise that Google prioritises video content online these days. 

3. Allows for Engagement & Interaction

Increasingly the barriers are breaking down between consumer and brand. Updating your YouTube channel can increase interactivity between you and your audience through responding to comments and encouraging communal activity. Positive interactions with a brand will lead to long-term brand loyalty.


Is it time you launched a branded YouTube channel? Why not create a short explainer animation as a YouTube channel trailer today, to boost your website conversions and brand loyalty.  

3 Quick & Easy Steps to Maintaining Customer Loyalty through Animation

I think we can all agree that maintaining customer loyalty is key when growing a business. But as with most things, we are all guilty of never having “enough time” to put these things in place. 

We know for a fact that 84% of consumers take action based on word of mouth recommendations, according to Nielsen. That in itself is a huge motivation to maintain customer loyalty after a project has been signed off. So how can you keep your existing customers on board? Video marketing is an incredibly powerful tool to help you keep on top of your new and existing customers - at the same time. Here are three ways you can maintain customer loyalty with animation. 

1. Explainer Videos

The best video that any existing customer will want to engage with is an instructional video guide, tailored to the product or service that you offer. Explainer animations not only share knowledge with your current customers, but also give something back to your existing customers.

Any added extra to a purchase is a win win situation for a customer right? Bargain. 

2.  Send them a personalised animation  

There can only come good from showing your existing customers how much you value them.  Every few months, send them a short 30 second personalised animation - it’s a great way of saying thank you whilst also increasing brand awareness. You don't want to be forgotten about when word of marketing is so effective. 

3. Create a fun & humorous animation

No hidden motives. Put simply, surprise your existing customer base with a hilarious and original animation. No need to rack your brains all day trying to come up with the perfect marketing promo animation. Instead, send them something new, fresh and incredibly funny. You will be amazed at how well your customers will respond. What’s more memorable than creating something very shareable and a little ‘outside-the-box’ eh? 

5 Steps You Should Know Before You Invest In Animation

As the marketing experts at Hubspot claim: “Video content is no longer an option: It's a necessary component of any successful marketing strategy.” So if you’re on the lookout for an explainer animation video - today, we’re advising you on the necessary steps before you invest.

Here are some important things to consider before you invest in an animation.  

Who is your audience?

Say you wanted to create an awesome animation to show the public your products and services? The first steps are to ensure you define your ideal target customer. This will impact how you decide to position the style and complexity of your animation.

How to grab their attention?

We have already mentioned this in a recent blog ‘How to Capture your Audience’s Attention in the First Five Seconds’, but in general, when you decide to invest in video animation, it is vital you make a good first impression. 

Script a seriously cool storyboard

We’re just kidding - there is absolutely no pressure. If you know what you want to promote, our script-writers can take the storyboarding out of your hands and turn your ideas into a concrete storyline. But we always recommend you get on paper exactly what you want your content to say. 

Is your content relevant, credible, newsworthy?

These questions are vital in proving your content’s value and worth. If your content doesn't have a powerful message attached - the chances are, it’s not going to be as engaging and shareable with your audience as you hoped. It’s important to have a clear strategy behind all of your ideas for content outreach. 

Outreach your awesome animation 

Once your animation is built, it’s also good to have an end game. I mean - who wouldn't want to outreach such a cool animation right?! Sharing an animation across your own business’ social media channels and platforms is a great start. But outreaching this content to other news, blogs and industry websites can increase engagement for your business too. 

I hope you found this step-by-step guide insightful and helps you gather your thoughts before you make the jump on a brand new animation and embark on a journey of ROI (winning!).

How to Increase Sales with a Simple Explainer Animation?

People love help. More importantly, people trust help. So what better way to interact with your target market than with a useful yet fun explainer animation? 

Overcoming information overload

Every company has a story, and it’s about using video as the ideal tool to tell that story. Animation is worthy of notice. As we mentioned in our previous blog post ‘How to capture your audience’s attention in the first five seconds, we referred to the lowering human attention span, largely due to modern technology and social media intake. Our brains are becoming immune to the constant influx of social marketing and information overload. Animation can overcome this rising problem with it’s easy and understandable styling, which in turn will increase your sales and stand you apart from your competitors.

Build up your visual branding to become more memorable 

Explainer animations also have the power of being branded to exactly what your business stands for and represents. They are a great way of building up your brand identity and culture online. Strong, colourful and memorable branding throughout your animation has the opportunity to increase your sales enormously!

Call to actions do actually work

Finally, animations deliver strong call to actions, thus generating higher sales for your business. Incorporating simple marketing lines and embeddable buttons that take you straight to your product or services page can work miracles in increasing your sales. It’s instant and it works.

How to Capture your Audience’s Attention in the First Five Seconds

So you’ve decided to create an awesome animation and you want to use it on your websites’ landing page and other various marketing channels? On average, you have around five seconds to capture your audience’s attention, and we know for a fact that video works a treat. Animation is also a great tool to use for YouTube pre-roll ads, so it’s important to grab your viewer’s attention within those first five seconds before they click ‘skip’ off your ad.

Create a powerful message

So what makes a great animation? How do you engage with your audience from the offset? Start by drafting your initial ideas for the campaign. Ask what is the message that you want to get across? How do you want your viewer to respond? What is the main point that you want your audience to remember? Once you’ve nailed your marketing strategy - we then take over and work our magic. 

We can script the rest

Here at Little Fish HQ, we work regularly with scriptwriters to deliver compelling storylines that best represent your brand through our animated videos, with a marketing focus throughout to always capture those first initial five seconds of your audience’s attention. 

As humans we are becoming increasingly more impatient and everything is becoming that little bit more instant. So by creating visual content, your animation will promote greater memory recall than by any text alone.

Ready to make the jump?

Is it time that you invested in making a memorable animation? Our creative gurus can help you create a unique and killer animation!

A Tiddler Animation Competition!

Did someone say FREE? Yes, we said it. This month we are launching our first Little Fish Animation competition ! We are very excited to announce that you could be in for a chance of winning a 30 second Tiddler Animation. 

We were overwhelmed by the amount of support we received from launching last month, so we wanted to give a little something back in the form of an exciting competition! The competition will run for the whole month of February and nominations should be entered no later than midnight on the 28th February.

So what is a Tiddler Animation?

The winner will receive a 30 second Tiddler Animation. All you need to do is provide us with a script and we'll do the rest! We'll storyboard your idea, apply the graphics, animate, add music & sound effects, and you'll have a dedicated account manager throughout!

Tempted? To enter, click the button below to find out all our T&C's. 

There’s a limited time to get your nominations sent… So be sure to enter QUICK!

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Good luck everyone!

3 Reasons Why Explainer Animations Are Popular!

There is no denying that explainer animations are becoming the number one way to advertise one’s products and services. You only need to take a look at these 3 reasons why to see just how powerful these animations can really be for growing your business. 

1. More and more of our time is spent watching video online

Google any kind of video platform and it’s sufficient enough to prove just how popular these explainer animations are. You may have recently launched a new product, or perhaps want to show your audience what kind of services you offer? By including an explainer animation to your business’ landing page, you can increase conversion by a whopping 80%. Why? Because video is far easier and visually more engaging to watch than reading lavish amounts of text. 

2. They help your audience understand, thus building trust in your business

Mastering a great script is key. It is crucial that your audience understands and responds well to the clear message you are communicating throughout your animation. Make sure you choose a relevant voice-over that entertains and communicates your message clearly. The aim is to make your audience trust the product or service you are offering through a fully comprehensible explainer animation. 

3. Animations are memorable!

How many times have you watched an explainer animation in the morning and still thought about it that same evening? There is no doubt a bespoke video animation has the capability of staying in our minds all day. If they are made well, they will speak a thousand words and can impress and inspire your business’ audience successfully. 

Why don't you give it a go for your business this year and see how your audience responds? We think you’ll be mighty impressed.

How Animation Can Help Change Your Social Media Game In 2017

It’s the start of a new year, and as much as it still feels like Christmas with dark, cold and snowy mornings, we are back at work and ready to start implementing new strategies for our businesses and the year ahead. 

We know how you feel, our mailboxes and social feeds are bombarded with articles and stats on the importance of social media marketing. But the real question is: how can we fully optimise this trend and generate genuine engagement? 

2017 is set to be a huge year for video marketing. We saw lots of businesses dip their toes into this trend in 2016, but now these businesses have proof that it generates a return on investment, so they’re coming back for more! So how can animation help change your social media game? Now more than ever its about sending out shareable content, that isn't necessarily perceived as direct marketing. 

Here at Little Fish HQ, we have seen a huge increase in demand for animations, and our clients are the first to start sharing these animations on social. Animations are easily consumable, incredibly fun, interactive and most importantly - powerfully engaging with your audience. 

Social media is all about capturing your audience’s attention, instantly. As humans we are becoming more and more multi-tasking and it is increasingly hard to catch our attention. How many times have we all scrolled through our social feeds at lighting speed? How do you become the brand that you stop by to actually consume and engage with? Animation can catch your audience’s attention instantly. That’s why our clients have seen huge benefits from sharing short 60 second animations - it allows you to get your message across far more efficiently that a simple photo or by using words.  

So why don't you give it a go this 2017? Start sharing simple animations and see how it helps your engagement statistics today! We can guarantee the ROI. 

Why Animation?

With video marketing rapidly becoming a crucial part of a company’s marketing strategy, why not make an animation? There are so many benefits of video animation - they are fun, memorable, and the sky is your limit! You can create an incredibly engaging video, with any storyboard in mind, all for a much more affordable price than if you were to make a film.

little fish cost-effective animation

Animation is a fantastic tool to allow your audience to visualise an idea, whether that be a new product design, to a new in-store promotional video - the possibilities are endless! From character animations, to motion graphics, there will be something out there that will fit with your business. Hubspot claims, “1/3 of online activity is spent watching video” and 5% of viewers will stop watching a video after 1 minute and 60% by 2 minutes”, making short animations a very affordable and powerful tool in catching your audience’s attention.

Deciding to create an animation is a business investment well worth taking. Why? Because video really does pay for itself. Did you know, 65% of those who view a video, click through to the vendor website. They bring with them the power to connect with us emotionally, which in turn increases the company’s brand awareness.

little fish animation
little fish animation

As one of the UK’s leading animation companies, we offer completely bespoke animated video production, at an affordable price. Paul Banks, co-founder of Little Fish explains: “We have seen a huge increase in demand for cost effective animation. We provide customers with an opportunity to create a truly bespoke animation with clear rates right from the offset, created by our talented in-house team of experts, all over-seen by one of our producers.”

So why not increase your company’s brand awareness today and attract new customers with a simple animation? You won’t be disappointed when you see the return on investment!