3 Reasons Why Explainer Animations Are Popular!

There is no denying that explainer animations are becoming the number one way to advertise one’s products and services. You only need to take a look at these 3 reasons why to see just how powerful these animations can really be for growing your business. 

1. More and more of our time is spent watching video online

Google any kind of video platform and it’s sufficient enough to prove just how popular these explainer animations are. You may have recently launched a new product, or perhaps want to show your audience what kind of services you offer? By including an explainer animation to your business’ landing page, you can increase conversion by a whopping 80%. Why? Because video is far easier and visually more engaging to watch than reading lavish amounts of text. 

2. They help your audience understand, thus building trust in your business

Mastering a great script is key. It is crucial that your audience understands and responds well to the clear message you are communicating throughout your animation. Make sure you choose a relevant voice-over that entertains and communicates your message clearly. The aim is to make your audience trust the product or service you are offering through a fully comprehensible explainer animation. 

3. Animations are memorable!

How many times have you watched an explainer animation in the morning and still thought about it that same evening? There is no doubt a bespoke video animation has the capability of staying in our minds all day. If they are made well, they will speak a thousand words and can impress and inspire your business’ audience successfully. 

Why don't you give it a go for your business this year and see how your audience responds? We think you’ll be mighty impressed.