3 Quick & Easy Steps to Maintaining Customer Loyalty through Animation

I think we can all agree that maintaining customer loyalty is key when growing a business. But as with most things, we are all guilty of never having “enough time” to put these things in place. 

We know for a fact that 84% of consumers take action based on word of mouth recommendations, according to Nielsen. That in itself is a huge motivation to maintain customer loyalty after a project has been signed off. So how can you keep your existing customers on board? Video marketing is an incredibly powerful tool to help you keep on top of your new and existing customers - at the same time. Here are three ways you can maintain customer loyalty with animation. 

1. Explainer Videos

The best video that any existing customer will want to engage with is an instructional video guide, tailored to the product or service that you offer. Explainer animations not only share knowledge with your current customers, but also give something back to your existing customers.

Any added extra to a purchase is a win win situation for a customer right? Bargain. 

2.  Send them a personalised animation  

There can only come good from showing your existing customers how much you value them.  Every few months, send them a short 30 second personalised animation - it’s a great way of saying thank you whilst also increasing brand awareness. You don't want to be forgotten about when word of marketing is so effective. 

3. Create a fun & humorous animation

No hidden motives. Put simply, surprise your existing customer base with a hilarious and original animation. No need to rack your brains all day trying to come up with the perfect marketing promo animation. Instead, send them something new, fresh and incredibly funny. You will be amazed at how well your customers will respond. What’s more memorable than creating something very shareable and a little ‘outside-the-box’ eh?