5 Steps You Should Know Before You Invest In Animation

As the marketing experts at Hubspot claim: “Video content is no longer an option: It's a necessary component of any successful marketing strategy.” So if you’re on the lookout for an explainer animation video - today, we’re advising you on the necessary steps before you invest.

Here are some important things to consider before you invest in an animation.  

Who is your audience?

Say you wanted to create an awesome animation to show the public your products and services? The first steps are to ensure you define your ideal target customer. This will impact how you decide to position the style and complexity of your animation.

How to grab their attention?

We have already mentioned this in a recent blog ‘How to Capture your Audience’s Attention in the First Five Seconds’, but in general, when you decide to invest in video animation, it is vital you make a good first impression. 

Script a seriously cool storyboard

We’re just kidding - there is absolutely no pressure. If you know what you want to promote, our script-writers can take the storyboarding out of your hands and turn your ideas into a concrete storyline. But we always recommend you get on paper exactly what you want your content to say. 

Is your content relevant, credible, newsworthy?

These questions are vital in proving your content’s value and worth. If your content doesn't have a powerful message attached - the chances are, it’s not going to be as engaging and shareable with your audience as you hoped. It’s important to have a clear strategy behind all of your ideas for content outreach. 

Outreach your awesome animation 

Once your animation is built, it’s also good to have an end game. I mean - who wouldn't want to outreach such a cool animation right?! Sharing an animation across your own business’ social media channels and platforms is a great start. But outreaching this content to other news, blogs and industry websites can increase engagement for your business too. 

I hope you found this step-by-step guide insightful and helps you gather your thoughts before you make the jump on a brand new animation and embark on a journey of ROI (winning!).