Be more Jack! How the University of Chester used animation in results week to attract new students

With A Level results day right around the corner, what better way to attract new students to your university or college than with animation? 

We know how it feels coming back after the summer holidays. Whether you took a week break to the sun, or were away with the kids, coming back to work in August can sometimes leave you feeling low on creativity. So, to avoid the summer slump, we’re sharing our tips on how you can promote your university through animation.

Whilst many your students will be present on social media, how do you get them to engage with your own educational pages? It’s all about the quality of your content and how you choose to present it.


Short and concise

Animations are the easiest way to get your message across in a few words. After all, visuals speak a thousand words. The University of Chester were able to communicate with prospective students and parents in a matter of 45 seconds, allowing the university to get their message across in a short time frame, with memorable visuals. 

Simple, humorous and shareable

Creating a story that will connect with your audience on a personal level will help your university remain at the forefront of your prime audience’s mind. 


Easy to roll out as a social media ad

Target the people who matter most. Sometimes the message you want to share won't apply to everyone, but that doesn't mean your engagement has to suffer. Paid social media is a great tool for increasing student engagement and awareness. Once you have your animation, consider boosting your animation using the social media platforms’ paid offerings to reach your target A level pupils who are about to go into university?  

Call to action

Adding a call-to-action at the end of your animation is important in capturing your audience. Have your team ready to respond to all the new enquiries!


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