How Animation Can Help Change Your Social Media Game In 2017

It’s the start of a new year, and as much as it still feels like Christmas with dark, cold and snowy mornings, we are back at work and ready to start implementing new strategies for our businesses and the year ahead. 

We know how you feel, our mailboxes and social feeds are bombarded with articles and stats on the importance of social media marketing. But the real question is: how can we fully optimise this trend and generate genuine engagement? 

2017 is set to be a huge year for video marketing. We saw lots of businesses dip their toes into this trend in 2016, but now these businesses have proof that it generates a return on investment, so they’re coming back for more! So how can animation help change your social media game? Now more than ever its about sending out shareable content, that isn't necessarily perceived as direct marketing. 

Here at Little Fish HQ, we have seen a huge increase in demand for animations, and our clients are the first to start sharing these animations on social. Animations are easily consumable, incredibly fun, interactive and most importantly - powerfully engaging with your audience. 

Social media is all about capturing your audience’s attention, instantly. As humans we are becoming more and more multi-tasking and it is increasingly hard to catch our attention. How many times have we all scrolled through our social feeds at lighting speed? How do you become the brand that you stop by to actually consume and engage with? Animation can catch your audience’s attention instantly. That’s why our clients have seen huge benefits from sharing short 60 second animations - it allows you to get your message across far more efficiently that a simple photo or by using words.  

So why don't you give it a go this 2017? Start sharing simple animations and see how it helps your engagement statistics today! We can guarantee the ROI.