How Important is it to have a Branded YouTube Channel in 2017?

As you will already know, we love video. But we also know that YOU and everyone else loves video, too. The statistics are proof of that, and you only need to browse your FaceBook profile to realise this!

Building new animated characters for our clients is what we do time and time again, and we love the buzz we get from helping often a faceless brand ‘receive' a facelift with a Little Fish Animation. 

YouTube is fast becoming one of the largest social media platforms in the world, with around one billion users worldwide. A whopping 70% of Generation Z visit the platform on a daily basis, according to Hubspot’s latest statistics. A figure that everyone should be tapping into through creating videos, tutorials and branded YouTube channels.

More and more we help the education, corporate business, product advertising market, and many other sectors enter the world of video marketing. The list is endless. Because the future is about explainer animations, which in turn increases conversion rates, awareness, and brand loyalty. 

So why create a branded YouTube channel for your business?

1. Build Credibility 

Share with your viewers an insight into your business on a regular basis. Show them what you are about, and share memories with your viewers. It’s not about the hard sell. Nowadays, it’s about sharing experiences with people. Engage with your audience through explainer videos and one day, when they require your product or service - you will be the first company they think about.

2. Improves SEO

Did you know that the more content you produce on Google under your branded name, the better? By producing regular video content and including your web link - you can improve your Google rankings. It’s no surprise that Google prioritises video content online these days. 

3. Allows for Engagement & Interaction

Increasingly the barriers are breaking down between consumer and brand. Updating your YouTube channel can increase interactivity between you and your audience through responding to comments and encouraging communal activity. Positive interactions with a brand will lead to long-term brand loyalty.


Is it time you launched a branded YouTube channel? Why not create a short explainer animation as a YouTube channel trailer today, to boost your website conversions and brand loyalty.