How to Capture your Audience’s Attention in the First Five Seconds

So you’ve decided to create an awesome animation and you want to use it on your websites’ landing page and other various marketing channels? On average, you have around five seconds to capture your audience’s attention, and we know for a fact that video works a treat. Animation is also a great tool to use for YouTube pre-roll ads, so it’s important to grab your viewer’s attention within those first five seconds before they click ‘skip’ off your ad.

Create a powerful message

So what makes a great animation? How do you engage with your audience from the offset? Start by drafting your initial ideas for the campaign. Ask what is the message that you want to get across? How do you want your viewer to respond? What is the main point that you want your audience to remember? Once you’ve nailed your marketing strategy - we then take over and work our magic. 

We can script the rest

Here at Little Fish HQ, we work regularly with scriptwriters to deliver compelling storylines that best represent your brand through our animated videos, with a marketing focus throughout to always capture those first initial five seconds of your audience’s attention. 

As humans we are becoming increasingly more impatient and everything is becoming that little bit more instant. So by creating visual content, your animation will promote greater memory recall than by any text alone.

Ready to make the jump?

Is it time that you invested in making a memorable animation? Our creative gurus can help you create a unique and killer animation!