How to generate new leads with explainer animations

We are often approached to produce animated explainer videos for small to medium sized businesses. A lot of people like explainer animations because they’re easy to understand, incredibly visual and memorable, and most importantly - highly engaging! 

Businesses can add real value to their product or service by a simple explainer animation as part of their marketing strategy. But the key is to make something original to capture your prospective audience right from the offset. 

Target a Wider Audience

We produce bespoke animations that can really reach a wide audience, by giving your video a broader appeal so that it attracts more leads, and in turn gains higher ROI. With eye-catching visuals, our aim is to make a positive reaction on a potential new customer or client of yours. The more appealing you can make your animation and the message that it conveys, the more chance you have of converting your viewers into new leads and potential customers/clients in the near future. 

Branding is Key

Creating iconic branding amongst your characters through your explainer animation is an incredibly powerful tool for your business’ branding becoming identifiable. When using animation in your explainer videos, why not put your brand right at the forefront of your video. This offers viewers not only a great insight into your product or services, but also will put your brand at the forefront of their minds!

Create a YouTube Channel and Share Your Content!

Building a YouTube channel is a fantastic way to share free animations with your     viewers. Creating a channel full of free informative content for potential customers will definitely set you on the right track to raising awareness and in turn open the door to lead generation in the future! Make sure to entice your viewers to subscribe to your channel and they will be notified by email when a new video is live. 

Increase Your Social Media Following

Whilst written content for marketing is effective, uploading video content is even more so. Sharing explainer animations on social media will increase your following as viewers become interested in hearing more from your brand. Offering free content is the way forward - building trust amongst viewers, and is a great way of generating some solid leads.