How to Increase Sales with a Simple Explainer Animation?

People love help. More importantly, people trust help. So what better way to interact with your target market than with a useful yet fun explainer animation? 

Overcoming information overload

Every company has a story, and it’s about using video as the ideal tool to tell that story. Animation is worthy of notice. As we mentioned in our previous blog post ‘How to capture your audience’s attention in the first five seconds, we referred to the lowering human attention span, largely due to modern technology and social media intake. Our brains are becoming immune to the constant influx of social marketing and information overload. Animation can overcome this rising problem with it’s easy and understandable styling, which in turn will increase your sales and stand you apart from your competitors.

Build up your visual branding to become more memorable 

Explainer animations also have the power of being branded to exactly what your business stands for and represents. They are a great way of building up your brand identity and culture online. Strong, colourful and memorable branding throughout your animation has the opportunity to increase your sales enormously!

Call to actions do actually work

Finally, animations deliver strong call to actions, thus generating higher sales for your business. Incorporating simple marketing lines and embeddable buttons that take you straight to your product or services page can work miracles in increasing your sales. It’s instant and it works.